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Computers in Medicine Conference

  • Alpert Medical School 222 Richmond Street Providence, RI (map)

The Patient, The Practitioner and the Computer Conference at Alpert Medical School at Brown University

Mindful Practice: Optimizing Your Inner Operating System in a Technological World

Ronald Epstein, MD
Director of the Center for Communication and Disparities Research at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry where he is Professor of Family Medicine, Psychiatry and Oncology, and co-directs Mindful Practice programs and the Deans Teaching Fellowship program.

Michael Krasner, MD, FACP
Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, practices primary care internal medicine in Rochester, New York and co-directs the Mindful Practice programs at the University of Rochester.

Session Description: In this workshop, Drs. Epstein and Krasner will explore how clinicians can practice more effectively in clinical environments that increasingly incorporate information technology into the patient-clinician relationship. The workshop will engage participants through didactic components, contemplative practices, and interpersonal dialogues, all aspects of Mindful Practice. Participants will explore together clinically relevant themes that challenge the practitioner-patient relationship, including how technology may affect the presence of the practitioner. Working with the qualities of beginner’s mind, critical curiosity, attentive observation, and presence, participants will examine how states of attention and awareness impacts not only relationship with patients, but also one’s relationship with oneself. 

Session Goals and Objectives: 
Understand the relationship between health professional well-being, quality of care, and quality of caring

Describe several practical exercises that health professionals can engage in on a regular basis that can enhance their relationship with technology while enriching patient-centered care
Explore how the “default-mode network” in the brain can be modulated by awareness practices, and review other neuropsychological principles that relate to the quality of the practitioner-patient encounter.

Earlier Event: February 22
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