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November 13, 2018


Medicine as Mindful Practice: Ronald Epstein, MD ’76
By David Glenn
Wesleyan Magazine
May 10, 2018

Interview published in Congress Quarterly (Spring 2018)
"Mindfulness in Medicine: Healing the Healer"
Interviewed by Dr. Martina Stippler

Podcast Episode
Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians
"Mindfulness and Reflection for Clinicians"

Connections: Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity
WXXI Interview with Evan Dawson

Ronald Epstein was featured on FEAR NOT: Living Beyond Your Fears with Billy Atwell, where he was interviewed about overcoming his fear of being consumed by suffering. In this honest exchange, you will learn:

Developing a habit of mindfulness will assist you with your fears.
If you try to push fear away, it will always come back.
Be present with fear, come to know it and make it your friend.
Look for the beauty in every situation.

Conversation with Miriam Knight of the New Consciousness Review


Ronald Epstein speaks with F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE on MedPage Today:

WXXI-TV interview with Ron Epstein Mick Krasner and Helene Biandudi-Hofer


Ronald Epstein discusses his recent book, Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity, on the Knowledge@Wharton show on Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM channel 111

Conversation with Think host Krys Boyd on KERA. 
Dr. Ronald Epstein M.D. discusses restoring a personal touch to healthcare, which he writes about in “Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity” (Scribner).

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"Being Mindful at Work - Kayaking in Rough Waters and Staying Afloat"